Why did you create this site?

I started playing this game around pre-season 2015. There were no noob friendly sites. Everything I wanted to use was scattered around a dozen different sites. But before I decided to tackle that problem, I had a bigger issue. I really like skins and there was no skin notification website out there. I taught myself PHP and MySQL and designed a very basic version of YORDL. The site has gone through several iterations since then.

How can I get a hold of you?

You can contact me via the contact form, through the Facebook page, or contact me directly via Twitter. Want to play some League of Legends? I’m Pork Taco in-game.

How did you make this site?

This site is made in old-fashioned PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.

How long does it take to gather statistics? 

I’ll usually start gathering statistics after 24 hours so that people have had the chance to play a few games. It will then take 24 hours to gather a full set of data, and and add half an hour to crunch the numbers.

Where does the data come from?

The data comes from everywhere. I’m gathering matches from NA, EUW, LAN, LAS, EUNE, OCE, RU, BR, and KR, with EUE being a huge chunk of that, although that’s purely because it’s the largest shard Riot owns. They’re the only region that requires me to use a BIGINT datatype for MatchID because it was causing an overflow (they’re in the billions).

Can you implement <X> feature?

Almost all of YORDL’s new features were suggested by its users. I care a lot about what you guys think and will work hard to make your visions into a reality. Just make sure you suggest you send your idea over using the contact form or via reddit at /u/pesaru.


I’d like to thank Riot Schmick and Riot Tuxedo. It’s possible they don’t even remember my name, but they’ve helped me out with the API quite a bit since I got started. Kevin Ohashi from Review Signal also helped a lot, not just by creating the Riot API PHP wrapper that I use, but by fielding a ton of questions when I was teaching myself to code, as well as when the site was under DoS attack and I couldn’t figure out how to stop it.