Month: December 2015

Blue vs Red: Is the Map Balanced?

Minion Fight

Many sites like this one track these imbalances. We report on things like champion and item order win rates. With each patch, we track new surfacing metas that introduce us to a new lineup of favored champions and builds, as well as leper champions–choices that have fallen out of the meta so much that your… Read more »

Improved Champion Pages Have Arrived!


Hey guys, I’ve got some news for you! I’ve completely redone the champion pages over the last few months. This is what you’ll find: Counters based on win rates Player submitted tips Masteries based on win rates and popularity Runes based on win rates and popularity Item builds based on win rates and popularity And… Read more »

Snowstorm Sales! Legacy Skins and More!


Lots of sales are coming soon! If these items are on your wishlist, you’ll get an e-mail the day they’re due to go on sale. This is probably a good thing for you, since each of these items only goes on sale for a SINGLE DAY! Thank goodness for sale alerts. 🙂

Site Upgrade 12/12/2015


We’ll be patching the site later tonight. Lots of new statistics and some style changes are coming, as well as a few bug fixes. We should not experience any downtime. As always, please report any bugs you might run into. Thanks!