Improved Champion Pages Have Arrived!

By Pork Taco
Posted December 22, 2015

Hey guys, I’ve got some news for you! I’ve completely redone the champion pages over the last few months. This is what you’ll find:

  • Counters based on win rates
  • Player submitted tips
  • Masteries based on win rates and popularity
  • Runes based on win rates and popularity
  • Item builds based on win rates and popularity
  • And a lot more!

Instead of continuing to list out all the cool new stuff I’ve added, why don’t you take a look? Here’s Brand’s champion page as an example. What do you think of the changes? What would you like to see? I’ve been thinking of adding a section under each champion that shows the latest patch notes for that particular champion. I’m not sure if people would like to see that.

  • Pork Taco

    And I think I FINALLY got comments working. DISQUS is kind of a pain in the butt.

    • wildtype

      huh. yeah it is.