Thanks, everyone!

By Pork Taco
Posted April 26, 2016

Thanks, everyone! Since I made my announcement, two people were kind enough to donate–the gesture was very appreciated. Various others reached out with kind words or advice. Yesterday, someone showed me a thread that had been made on reddit in hopes to save the site.

I appreciate it all. Subsequently, I worked on switching Yordl over from Mandrill to Mailgun yesterday. The deadline was April 27th, tomorrow, which is when the website would have stopped working and when I was planning on shutting it down. I put the change in right on time and the site can now continue to function. I’m still losing money on it, but that’s OK for now. If people are still actively using the site, then I don’t mind keeping it up. If anything, maybe tell your friends about it. That would be cool.

Also, a lot of people had a lot of suggestions and ideas they wanted to share. While I haven’t worked on adding features or changing Yordl in a long time, feel free to leave your suggestions (if any) as a comment in this thread. It’s something I’ll definitely consider if there’s enough interest.

So, I guess for now Yordl will stay up. Thanks again. 🙂

  • Mrz

    Turned off adblock! I truly don’t even think about it most of the time, but i really appreciate the site man!

  • M1 Punk

    Great news, I added Yordl to the white list and I’ll try to post some suggestions if any come to mind.

  • Dellpit

    I’m so glad! I tried my best to fix the ad problem I was having on your site in hopes you’d keep it running; I’m so glad you’re keeping the site!

  • John Walsh-Wadlegger

    This is literally the only website I’ve whitelisted for my adblock, if I had the ability to donate I would.

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  • Ser

    I’m so glad that Yordl will stay with us for! This and boosteria are the only two LoL resources that i use to learn how to play in League of Legends. It would be shame if one of them closed. If you never been at Boosteria, then quickly click here –