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Thanks, everyone!


Thanks, everyone! Since I made my announcement, two people were kind enough to donate–the gesture was very appreciated. Various others reached out with kind words or advice. Yesterday, someone showed me a thread that had been made on reddit in hopes to save the site. I appreciate it all. Subsequently, I worked on switching Yordl… Read more »

Improved Champion Pages Have Arrived!


Hey guys, I’ve got some news for you! I’ve completely redone the champion pages over the last few months. This is what you’ll find: Counters based on win rates Player submitted tips Masteries based on win rates and popularity Runes based on win rates and popularity Item builds based on win rates and popularity And… Read more »

Site Upgrade 12/12/2015


We’ll be patching the site later tonight. Lots of new statistics and some style changes are coming, as well as a few bug fixes. We should not experience any downtime. As always, please report any bugs you might run into. Thanks!

Statistics, Data, and You


With the newest update to YORDL, we’re bringing out some statistics. You can find a statistics dashboard here. Here’s what you can hope to find: Top ten most popular champions Top ten most banned champions Top 10 highest winrate champions by lane Top 10 lowest winrate champions by lane Let us know what you think!  

YORDL Server Issues


Well, we’ve just been having a bad time when it comes to server issues. Our host was experiencing some insane downtimes. It looks like everything has settled now. I apologize for our brief disappearance. Please report any issues via the contact button.